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  A Sweet and Tasty Awakening

Now that we’ve awakened your sense of touch, it’s time to turn to some of the other senses in your body such as smell and taste. Each one of our five senses have their own set of nerve endings and sensory stimuli that send signals to the brain where it gets processed as pleasant or unpleasant.  The more you awaken all of your senses, the more alive you will feel. You will be able to experience sensation and pleasure on many different levels.

For this exercise you will need a piece of food that you like and that has some juiciness to it.  I suggest chocolate or a strawberry but you can choose anything you want.  Mangos and pineapples also work really well.  Once you have your favorite food, relax, listen and enjoy the journey!

You can download the audio file here by right clicking and then click “save link as” or just click below to listen now.

Questions to Consider and Comment on our Facebook Page

Share what this experience was like for you.  Were you able to feel sensation when you were visualizing tasting or smelling the piece of chocolate?  Did you notice your mouth watering?  Were you feeling desire?  What was it like to slowly and consciously savor the chocolate?