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Feeling Emotions in Your Body

One of the major benefits of your body being more awake is your ability to access more of your emotional intelligence since it lives within the body itself.  Remember my favorite saying “The more you breathe the more you feel”?  Breath helps us to awaken the felt sensations in our body from our emotions.  

Emotions can be tricky because many of us are emotionally shut down which often causes a feeling of numbness.  This numbness shows up both as an inability to feel a range of physical sensations as well as feeling emotionally empty.  Shutting down your emotions can happen from a lot of different things but is often linked to some short of childhood experience where expressing emotions was frowned upon.  We also received societal messages such as “boys don’t cry” and “it’s not ladylike for a girl to get angry”. 

Feeling your range of emotions is experiencing life.  We can’t really experience the joy if we don’t allow ourselves to also experience the pain.  This practice will help you learn how to connect physically with some of your emotions.  For some of you this will be easy but for others it may be more challenging as there may be some deeper emotional blocks.  If you find it challenging, be gentle on yourself. Take your time with it and continue to do the breathing practices. That will help unblock some of the places in your body where emotions are stuck.

You can download the audio file here by right clicking and then click “save link as” or just click below to listen now.

Questions to Consider and Comment on our Facebook Page:

Which emotions were you most easily able to contact?  What sensations did you notice in your body with each of these emotions? Which emotions were the most challenging to connect with?  What did you notice with the challenging emotions? 

If this exercise was difficult for you then do it over and over again.  Also be sure to continue to do your breathing practices, especially the deep belly breathing practice.  The breath will help you unblock some of the stuck energy and emotions.