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Most of us breathe in our chest, very short and shallow breaths.  Sometimes we even hold our breath if we’re feeling anxious.  But breath is high octane fuel to help awaken our body because the more we breathe the more we feel.  This means that we not only feel more sensations but we also feel more emotions. 

In this practice we are going to explore what our natural breathing pattern is.  We will learn how to breathe deeply and gently into our belly as well as into our whole pelvic area.  

For an added bonus, do this breathing exercise for 20 minutes and notice your experience.

You can download the audio file here by right clicking and then click “save link as” or just click below to listen now.

Questions for you to consider and Comment On Facebook Page

What’s your relationship with your belly?  Are you always trying to hold it in?  Were you able to relax the belly and really breathe deeply into it?

What sensations did you notice after breathing into your belly? 

How did it feel to breathe into your pelvic area?  Was it challenging for you?  Did it feel weird or uncomfortable? 

Did you feel any sensations in your pelvic region or genitals from doing the breath work?  What about in another part of your body such as hands or feet?