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Touching Your Face, Head and Scalp

The image above of the “man” demonstrates the areas on the body where we have the most nerve endings per square inch and your hands are way up there.  We need to have lots of nerve endings on our hands for fine motor coordination and because our hands are the most common way in which we interact with our environment. 

This practice begins the more tactile portion of our body awakening program.  Today we are going to explore sensations on your face, head and scalp using a variety of different touch modalities, from soft gentle touch on your face to deep scratches on your scalp. Begin to notice where you are most sensitive in these areas and what type of touch your prefer. As you continue to touch yourself notice if you feel sensations in any other part of your body.

You can download the audio file here by right clicking and then click “save link as” or just click below to listen now.

Questions to Consider and Comment on our Facebook Page

You are halfway through your Adventure!  Congratulations.  Share what you are noticing at this point in the program.   What new awareness do you have?  Are you experiencing your body differently than before?   Are you noticing any change in your ability to access your emotions?  What practices have worked the best for you?  Which ones have you had the most challenges with?