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Breath is one of the most powerful tools that we have to awaken our body.  Breathing deeply into your body brings more oxygen into your blood capillaries and nerve endings which helps to create more sensation in your body. 

The lungs and diaphragm support our breath but very few of us are fully breathing.  Most of the time our breath is shallow and stays in the upper part of our body.  But your lungs and diaphragm reach all the way from your collarbone to your pelvis.

In this practice we will explore the depth of our breath and notice what happens in our body when we focus on deeply breathing into all of areas of our lungs and diaphragm. 

You can download the audio file here by right clicking and then click “save link as” or just click below to listen now.

Questions for you to consider and share on our Facebook Page

What is your natural breathing pattern?  Is it shallow, deep, slow or fast?

What happens to your breathing pattern when you get anxious?  What happens when you are relaxed?

After doing this practice, what do you notice about your breathing?  What sensations did you feel in your body during or after the practice?