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Feeling Your “Yes” and “No”

As you body awakens even more, you will be able to start to hear some of it’s messages since it’s talking to you all the time.  One of the easiest, and most important messages for you to learn to listen to, is the difference between a “yes” and a “no”.  Your mammalian brain, which is where critical thought resides, can talk you into anything.  Your reptilian brain, which is devoid of thought and acts solely on instincts and felt senses, never lies.

In this practice, you are going to start listening to your body and become more aware of how your body reacts to something it wants to do versus something it does not want to do. Everyone’s body will talk to them differently but the key is for you to get know how your body talks to you.  This is a critical skill in order for you to be able to better access your intuition. 

You can download the audio file here by right clicking and then click “save link as” or just click below to listen now.

Questions to Consider and Comment on our Facebook Page:

Share a time when you did not listen to your gut feeling.  What was your thought process like? What was your intuition telling you to do?  Why did not you not listen to it? 

Where does your “yes” and “no” show up in your body?  What sensations do you have with your “yes” versus your “no”?