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Welcome to the 14-Day Awaken Your Body Adventure!

We’re excited to have you on this journey. Please have a look at the Welcome Video below. 

5 Tips to Help You On this Adventure

  • Be gentle and compassionate on yourself.  Everyone comes to this Adventure from different places.  Whatever you experience in the moment is perfect just the way it is.
  • Have patience with yourself.  Body awakening takes time.  Notice any shifts that you feel in your body over the next two weeks.  Go back and practice those exercises that were challenging. 
  • Don’t judge yourself.  Your experience is your experience.  Even if you don’t feel anything in a particular exercise that alone gives you valuable information of where blocks might be and exercises for you to repeat.
  • Have fun!   This is not supposed to be work.  Enjoy yourself.  Enjoy your sensations and your experience.
  • Connect to community.  Join our Facebook Group
    and comment on your experience.  I will be monitoring the group so feel free to ask me questions and interact with your fellow adventurers.


Most importantly, enjoy the ride!!